Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favorite word

I was thinking about the blog the other day as I was walking and how I didn't have a favorite word to share.

Days later, I was walking in roughly the same area and I caught myself thinking about a particular word and how much I liked it.

Soon after that second thought I had a third: Why don't I combine my first two thoughts and post that word on R2's blog? I carried on with a renewed spring in my step.

The word is 'interlude'

Who doesn't enjoy a nice interlude?

They're refreshing -- a nice change-of-pace.

The word itself is easy on the eyes, sexy (enter-lewd, but in a classy, romantic way), and a pleasure to say. It's everything I want in a word.

My favorite letter is X.

I know it's not required, but I'm going that eXtra mile.

Summary: interlude, X

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R2: The Rice Review said...

I forgot to sign my name at the end of the post. Here's would it would've looked like:

-Alex (Smith)