Monday, November 19, 2007

Marsha Recknagel and Sasha West Reading

Please excuse the overdueness.

On November 7, our very own Marsha Recknagel and Sasha West provided us with a fantastic reading. Sasha started things off with a selection of short poems, and managed to impress the room with an especially complicated poem written from the point of view of a thoroughbred horse. She ended her reading with a longer poem, "The Immaculate Conception of Loneliness," which maintained an impressive sense of momentum through numerous pages and kept the audience's attention, sometimes a hard thing to do with lengthy poetry being read out loud to college student attention spans.

Marsha Recknagel read a small selection from a current work that really impressed everyone. As always, her general manner behind the microphone was disarming and warm and really led into and complimented her work. We were all a little sad she took out the risque details, but it was still a memorable piece.

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